A smart Jewelry

The concept

Ejoy was conceived to be a technological device but also a handcrafted jewel. The idea is indeed to offer a user-friendly fully functional device but characterized by a beautiful and attractive design, made thanks to the collaboration with “artistic Murano glass”.


it will be possible to wear a designer product that integrates into a real jewel two basic functions: the notification of the activities of the smartphone and different types of reminders, and the monitoring of the physical activities related to the well-being of our consumers.

Vibration Patterns and LED

LED technology that will enable our customers to interact more personally with the device through the variations of colors and light intensity customers can create effects that correspond to different emotional states and events.
Instead, the vibration system will be activated only in the presence of notifications


Its box doubles as a charger
The box does have its own rechargeable battery
it charges through usb port

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